If you need to change information or register, here’s what to do:

2a. Name Changes

Unfortunately, the only way to change your name is at a GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) office with proper documentation. The good news is you can update your name, voter registration and organ donor status at the same time.

GA DDS Name Change Information

2b. Address Changes or Voter Registration (with valid GA License or ID)

To change your address or register to vote, you need your driver’s license number

If you’re on a mobile device, the easiest way to register to vote or to change your address is to use the GA SOS app and click on the blue “Am I Registered to Vote” button.

Search your app store for GA SOS.

Google Play – GA SOS app

Apple Store – GA SOS app

Or, you can go to the website:


Click the “I want to Register to Vote!” button, even if you just want to change your address.

Then click on the button on the left.

Check all of the boxes on the left and then click the “Begin Voter Registration” button at the bottom.

On the next page you’re going to select “New Voter Registration” or “Change Voter Registration” and then continue to fill out the form.

All done – my address is updated! – Get my Nov 3rd absentee ballot!

2c. Register to Vote without a GA License or ID:

To register to vote without a valid GA License, you will need to fill out the form on the SOS registration page, print it, and mail it.


Click “I want to Register to Vote!” then select the middle button:

From here simply follow the steps as in 2b to fill out your application. You will need to print, sign and mail the final document.

Get my Nov 3rd absentee ballot now!