VOTE – Tuesday, September 29, 2020 BEFORE 7:00 PM

Special Election – US House of Representatives

GA District 5 (Atlanta – parts of DeKalb, Fulton & Clayton counties)

1. Absentee Ballot Dropbox Locations:

If you have an absentee ballot in hand, you can use any drop box in the COUNTY you’re registered in. Ballots must be dropped off no later than 7:00 PM on Tuesday, Sept 29. (Drop boxes available 24 hrs/day until 7:00 PM on 9/29.

DeKalb County Drop Boxes
Fulton County Drop Boxes
Clayton County Drop Boxes

Your ballot MUST be sealed in the security envelope. The security envelope MUST then be sealed in the mailing envelope. The mailing envelope MUST be signed before dropping in the drop box.

2. Voting in person? Let’s find your voting location and check that you’re in the 5th District:

Georgia’s My Voter Page (MVP) or the GA SOS smartphone app are the best sources to see if you’re registered, where your normal voting location is, sample ballots and more:


Simply fill in your first initial, last name, county and birthday to see your information.

If your voter status is “Active” or “Inactive” and you’re in the 5th US Congressional district, you can vote in the Tuesday September 29th special election to fill the remainder of John Lewis’ term.

Copy and paste the election day poll location into your GPS app so that it’s ready to go – or get the GA SOS app.

There is only one race on the ballot and this is likely to be a low turnout election. That means you’ll probably be in and out in 5 minutes and your vote will have an outsized impact.

You must be in line at your polling location by 7:00 PM on 9/29 to vote in the special election.

Another handy tool is the GA SOS mobile app. It’s a phone-friendly way to get your information and instant GPS directions to polling places

Search for “GA SOS” in your favorite app store

Google Play – GA SOS app

Apple Store – GA SOS app

Does everything look good?

If so, make plans to visit your polling location before 7 PM on Tuesday Sept 29.
You can also request your November 3rd absentee ballot now

3. If you need to update your name or address, or you need to register to vote:

Continue Here to the Updates and Registration Page