Let’s check your registration status out and get stuff updated.

1. Check your Name, Address and Voter Status:

Georgia’s My Voter Page (MVP) is the best source to see if you’re registered, where your normal voting location is, early voting sites and more.


Simply fill in your first initial, last name, county and birthday to see your information.

If your name and mailing address is correct, and your voter status is “Active” or “Inactive,” you can request your absentee ballot and vote. If your status is “Cancelled” you will have to re-register.

Does everything look good?
Go back and request your absentee ballots now!

Another handy tool is the GA SOS mobile app. It’s a phone-friendly way to get your information and instant GPS directions to polling places

Search for “GA SOS” in your favorite app store

Google Play – GA SOS app

Apple Store – GA SOS app

2. If you need to update your name or address, or you need to register to vote:

Continue Here to the Updates and Registration Page

If everything looked good, head back to www.VoteWithMoore.com and request your absentee ballots now!